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Crash Ensemble
Venue: O'Reilly Theatre
Date: Thursday, 09 November 2006
Duration: 2 days
Crash Ensemble at O'Reilly Theatre

(IR)RATIONAL | 8pm november 9th, 2006

James Tenney: Glissade; Tom Johnson: Naryana's Cows; Erik Lund: Missing Intelligence [WORLD PREMIERE]; James Tenney: Critical Band; James Tenney: Having Never Written A Note for Percussion

A large part of the (IR)RATIONAL concert will be devoted to the great American experimental composer James Tenney (who sadly died of cancer this August). Tenney was a composer who produced works of resonant and indelible beauty using supposedly very rational techniques. The concert also includes Tom Johnson's riotous (yet very precise) Naryana's Cows and a world premiere of Missing Intellingence by Erik Lund. FREE STATE | 8pm november 10th, 2006

New music by Stephen Gardner (world premiere), Simon O'Connor (from Jimmy Cake), Linda Buckley (world premiere), Ed Bennett, Ian McDonnell (Lakker), Rob Canning and Julie Feeney (world premiere of piece for her and Crash Ensemble).

FREE STATE will be a snapshot of some of the most interesting composed music coming from Ireland today, particularly from the emerging younger generation. It will feature premieres from Stephen Gardner, Linda Buckley and the quirky avant-garde singer/composer Julie Feeney, who will also perform with the group.

Address: Belvedere College, Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1
Website: Crash Ensemble

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