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Discover Ireland Directory Submission Guidelines


Learn how to submit
Learn how to submit your site with tips on finding the most appropriate category

Featured and Regular options

Regular Review
This is the standard review which places your site alongside other alphabetically sorted standard submissions.
Each page is limited to 10 sites per page thus increasing the value of your site on any given page.

Featured Review
Benefits for the Featured Review are:
Placed within the top 4 sites of the category in which your site is placed.
Your site is listed within a highlighted area as shown below:

sponsored listing

You have a much greater chance of residing on a more popular page compared with other reviewed sites in the same category.
Each page is limited to 10 sites per page thus increasing the value of your listing on any given page.

We have a strict inclusion policy for all submitted sites and only sites meeting the following requirements will be considered for inclusion.

Only Irish themed or owned sites will be considered for inclusion.
No deep linked paths unless permission is given under certain paid options.
Your site cannot have any "under construction" or have redundant pages.
No subdomains are allowed.
Your site must contain multiple pages of original content.
No multiple submissions from the same domain.
No mirrored sites or sites containing duplicate content.
No redirects.
Only English or Gaelic sites accepted.
No adult sites will be considered.
No sites containing or condoning illegal acts, drug use, violence, hatred or racism.
Sites with excessive advertising, popups or popunder pages will not be accepted.
Any site considered of poor quality will be rejected.
Use only your company or website name for your title.
Please use objective descriptions and titles for your sites.
Avoid repeating the site name in your description.
No unnecessary caps or exclamation marks are permitted.
Please insure your submission is to the most appropriate category for your site.
We reserve the right to amend or modify submitted site information.
Failure to provide the correct information or submit to the correct category may result in your submission being declined.

We do not allow your information to be updated once it has been submitted so please take the time to enter all information correctly.

For governmental, charity or voluntary based organisations please contact us for information regarding free submission.

You do not need to have a website to be listed in our directory.
Please contact us for further details or for any questions regarding your submission.